Here you'll find a summary of recent changes, enhancements and bug fixes as part of each release.


Whats New and Improved in February 2021 Release note

Gateway (MGW)

  1. Hosted Payment Page (HPP) additional languages support
    1. Spanish
    2. German
    3. Dutch
  2. Update to Client Side Encryption (CSE) logic to support function call for encryption prior to submission of a form.
  3. CSE CVV only encryption now supported
  4. CVV logo now included in CVV field for HPP
  5. New HPP Customisation options added
    1. Custom button text
    2. Custom button width (% of full width field)
    3. Custom labels
    4. Custom placeholders
    5. Support for font FSMeridianWeb
    6. Custom button corner radius
    7. Custom input fields corner radius
  6. Show/ hide phone number field added to custom fields for HPP 
  7. Dragonpay RefNo now included in HPP POST response in gateway_reference_id field
  8. Additional fields to cater for Decision Manager fraud checks included in the Direct Payment API
  9. DECLINED status added to Capture HTTP 200 response in documentation
  10. AVS and CVV results added to documentation


  1. HPP ‘Pay’ button is not selectable for a specific user case where the billing address was sent as  US in the request, but then the user opts for autofill with the country selected as UK on the URL received. 
  2. US state list updated for HPP
  3. AVS result mapping updates for SIX Payment Services
  4. Amendments to HPP for improved experience in IE 11
  5. Customer Tel number now included as part of the request going out of Apexx to AfterPay

Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions in relation to Octobers release please do not hesitate to contact our implementation group at implementation@apexx.global

*Please check with implementation@apexx.global for PSP/ acquirer coverage.