Here you'll find a summary of recent changes, enhancements and bug fixes as part of each release.


Whats New and Improved in February 2021  for Portal


  1. Users can now request a password reset link
  2. Users can now change their password from within the Portal
  3. Multiple PCI DSS requirements for Password Management now introduced
  4. Additional Role named ‘Customer Service’ now available. The role mimics Administrators rights but with the removal of ‘Capture’ ability for merchants who wish to manage certain privileges for staff.
  5. Removal of ‘Capture, Cancel and refund’ functionality for Reporter Role type. 
  6. Users can now search for transactions using the customer email address
  7. Users can now view customer details by selecting the Customer tab in the detailed  transaction view.


  1. Users will now be prompted to reset their password every 90 days
  2. Resolved an issue that caused the transactions list to load slowly and error messages to be displayed when clicking on password reset links
  3. Corrected a validation error that prevented users from being able to capture American Express transactions from the Actions menu
  4. Users can now void both captured and authorised transactions. Previously, only authorised transactions could be voided.
  5. The capture ID is now only mandatory for partial refunds. Previously, the capture ID also had to be supplied when the full amount of the transaction was refunded.
  6. Correction of spelling mistakes

Have Any Questions?

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*Please check with implementation@apexx.global for PSP/ acquirer coverage.