1. What are the timelines for completing migration and sunsetting AX2?

All new products will only be developed on the Atomic platform as of May 2021. All APEXX Merchants are kindly requested to complete migration to the Atomic platform by 30/11/2021 and support for the current platform will no longer be available from the 31/12/2021


2. What is expected of us to migrate to Atomic?

You will need to change the URL to which you send requests to reach the new Atomic platform, we will then ask you to run through several rounds of testing to validate the requests you send to APEXX today will be unimpacted by the migration (aside from the URL to which requests are directed). When you schedule your Migration Kick Off call, we will walk you through detailed process and ensure you are comfortable with the requirements

3. Will this impact upon our existing API integration? Will this impact the payment requests we currently send?

Existing API features will continue to operate until 30 days after the agreed migration date. Any function currently in use should also be operational on the ATOMIC platform. If during testing you identify any functionality you feel is not included, please communicate this to APEXX using the agreed communication channels.

4. Will this impact upon Reconciliation files we are currently receiving?

Reconciliation files will continue to be ingested within APEXX, there will be no impact to your current reconciliation process

5. Will migrating APM traffic require different business readiness and technical migration activities than card traffic?

Migration of any payment method will be covered by the change to the URL. No further changes will be required to process transactions and downstream requests beyond the new URL configuration

6. Will this impact our Acquirer/PSP? Will APEXX inform our Acquirer/PSP or must we?

There should be no impact on the Acquirer/ PSP as a result of migration; APEXX will communicate the change to the Acquirer/PSP in advance of migration on your behalf. Should you wish to participate in the discussion with your PSP(s) and/or Acquirer(s) when we inform them, please indicate this during your Migration Kick Off call

7. Will we maintain all existing configurations/MIDs etc? Will APEXX take ownership of this?

Yes, all existing setups will be migrated to the ATOMIC platform; APEXX will take care of this in advance of migration. We will send a document that outlines what has been migrated for you to validate in advance of your target go live date

8. When will we get access to Atomic Sandbox?

At the time you receive initial communication regarding migration, the sandbox environment will be available to you. Please set up a Kick Off call to gain access and align on suitable timelines to complete migration

9. Could this impact our ability to accept transactions with APEXX for any period of time?

Migration to ATOMIC should not impact any ability to process transactions. At the point of migration both the current platform and ATOMIC will be setup to support processing. Once migrated, we would advise unless absolutely necessary, you continue processing though ATOMIC to ensure all downstream functions operate as expected

10. What has been done to de-risk the loss of transactional data during migration? 

APEXX will be putting in place full data replication between the platforms to ensure transactional data cannot be lost during migration

11. What assurances can you give me this will not have a negative impact on my transaction flows?

APEXX has conducted a rigorous testing process to ensure no impact to our Merchants’ transaction flows. We will also be supporting Merchants through a robust testing phase to validate all test cases prior to migration day and monitoring performance during the migration itself

12. What support staff will you have available at the point I migrate?

You will be assisted by a dedicated Atomic Migration Support team who will be available to you throughout the migration process and monitoring to ensure a smooth transition. Dedicated communication channels will also be made available to you for the duration of the Migration activities. All APEXX support will be coordinated by a named Implementation Manager.

13. Will our Portal Access be maintained during the cutover?

APEXX Merchants will have continued access to the APEXX Portal for reporting and transaction administration throughout the Migration period

14. Is Atomic PCI compliant - can you please supply evidence?

Atomic is PCI Compliant and fully certified. We can provide a copy of our AOC upon request

15. What are the SLAs to respond to issues raised during migration?

During the course of your Migration activities, APEXX will have dedicated resources available to you on a 24/7 basis to coordinate and support successful cutover with appropriate exception scenarios pre planned

16. Will the Atomic migration require any network related changes? (e.g. IP Address Whitelisting, SFTP Changes, etc)

Yes, Atomic will require new IP addresses to be whitelisted. You can find the full list of IP addresses here.

17. How may I contact you with further queries?

Please contact implementation@apexx.global or your Account Manager. During the Kick Off Call and ongoing support discussions with the APEXX Implementation Team, please discuss with us any specific communication requirements you will need throughout the migration phase