The following applies to both the AX2 and ATOMIC platforms:


This article describes how merchants who are integrating (or have already integrated) APEXX' hosted payment page can activate 3D Secure 2.0.



  1. Contact to request activation of 3D Secure 2.0

  2. APEXX will contact your acquiring bank, check that your MIDs are enrolled in 3D Secure and request the MID numbers, acquirer bin and MCC (merchant category code) for the MIDs you'd like to activate 3D Secure for.

  3. APEXX will activate 3D Secure processing for you (allow ca. 10 working days)

  4. Once 3D Secure is active, you can trigger it by including the following block in the hostedPaymentPage request:

     "three_ds": {
    "three_ds_required": "true",
    "three_ds_version": "2.0"

  5. Note on mandatory fields: When sending payment requests with a value of "US" or "CA", APEXX's 3DSv2 MPI provider (Cardinal Commerce) expect a valid ISO 3166-2 billing.address_state field to be present. The state field must either be present, or the country field omitted (note that for some acquirers, the also becomes mandatory if a billing_address_postcode value is sent in the request).