In order to configure your APEXX integration for Apple Pay, there are a few preliminary steps that must be followed. These are outlined below.

  • Navigate to Apple Developers documentation. These instructions will guide you through how to create an Apple Pay merchant identifier
  • Once you have this, send it to your APEXX Implementation contact
  • They will register it to generate a certificate signing request and send this CSR back you
  • You will then need to submit this CSR to Apple to register your certificate
  • Information around this submission process can be found here

As Cybersource create one CSR for Test and another for Production, we have seen issues in the past where merchants cannot maintain different CSRs for the same MID across the two environments. As such, it might be worth discussing with your Implementation Manager if it is worthwhile creating a set of Test Apple Pay MIDs, and a set of Production Apple Pay MIDs. If maintaining the different CSRs across the two environments won't be an issue, this section can be ignored.