Payment optimisation is an essential aspect of payment processing for all merchants seeking to create value by reducing the payment processing costs and increasing revenue. 

The 3 main key aspects of payment optimisation are:

  • Increasing transactions acceptance rate

  • Intelligent payment routing

  • Providing a seamless customer experience

Transactions acceptance rate can be improved through advanced verification, which can determine early on in the payment processing whether the transaction will be accepted or not. Another key aspect of increasing acceptance rates is intelligent payment routing. 

This type of routing provides the merchant with lower interchange fees and higher acceptance rates, particularly in case of inter-regional transactions. These efficiencies are achieved as a result of connecting the most suitable acquirer to the merchant. Some of the factors taken into account are the merchant location, shopper region, currency and card type.

A seamless customer experience leads to a lower number of abandoned shopping carts and rejected transactions. 

Overall, these measures lead to an upturn in revenue for the merchant by increasing the sales volume.