This article describes what to do if you notice a discrepancy between the Ingenico FR report and the data obtained from the Reconciliation dashboard in the APEXX merchant portal.



Ingenico provide two reports which are generated from different datasets:

1. FR report - this shows the amount settled into your bank account

2. WX files - these contain the data that is shown in the Reconciliation dashboard in the APEXX merchant portal

There are a number of reasons for possible mismatches between the two. There may have been a issue with the generation of the WX reports on Ingenico's side, or an issue with the transfer of the WX file data from Ingenico to APEXX.


  1. Keep an eye on the Ingenico (now Worldline) portal - this will contain information about any service disruptions

  2. Log a case with Ingenico support by emailing merchantservices@ingenico.com to find out if there was any known issue on the date(s) of the imbalance(s)

  3. Ingenico will advise how to proceed further. Amounts missing for a specific date may be included in the report for a future date

  4. If Ingenico advise that the FR report and WX files have no known imbalances on a specific date, raise a case with APEXX Global Support, stating the dates you require investigating and the specific amounts

  5. APEXX Global Support  will investigate and where possible re-import the missing data records