External Release Notes - Controls

Sprint Release

  • 23.6

Sprint Release Date

  • 19/07/2023 in Sandbox
  • 26/07/2023 in Production


What will change?

  • Introduction of audit capabilities in the Transaction detail 

  • Pay By Link improvements

  • Additional APMs

Audit capabilities

We will be adding a History tab to the Transaction detail to allow you to see which actions were performed on a transaction, and by which user, for increased visibility and transparency.

The information that will be made available includes the name of the user, their email address, what kind of action was performed, the time and date of the action, and any changes in the transaction status or event.

Direct API requests

Actions performed from the Portal - the associated name and email address of the user will appear in the History. 

Pay By Link improvements

 The Pay By Link flow will be modified for a smoother experience:

  • when the Pay By Link template is created, users will now be prompted to choose a merchant before starting the template, if no merchant has been pre-selected 

  • a banner will be added in the Send Link section to prompt users to go to the Payment Customisation page to customise their checkout page

  • users will be able to access the Send Link option directly from the Email Template section 

We will also bring some changes to the customisation layout and introduce the ability to lock specific fields so that the user cannot modify the information, while the overall layout will be slightly tweaked for a sleeker experience.

Additional APMs


We will be adding two new APMs (Alternative Payment Method) to our existing suite: Sofort and Bancontact, which we will access via our PPRO connection. 

Sofort is a banking payment method that allows customers to make fast, simple, and secure payments directly from their bank accounts. It has been part of the Klarna Group since 2014 and is extremely popular in certain European markets. 

Bancontact is Belgium's most popular online payment method, with over 15 million cards in circulation. Customers use a Bancontact card or mobile app to make online payments that are secure, guaranteed and confirmed immediately.

We are actively working on adding Bancontact and Sofort - both will be added in the Payment Method dropdown, while  their respective logos will be made available in our Portal.

The integrations for Sofort and Bancontact via PPRO will be completed at the end of our next Development cycle, at the end of August 2023.