APEXX operates a 365x24x7 support service to ensure that new service requests are promptly assessed and accurately prioritised and assigned. 

The priority APEXX assigns to a ticket is determined by the following factors:

  • To what extent is the merchant's ability to maintain their services affected?
  • Has the incident rendered an application, process, or service intermittently or continuously unavailable?
  • How critical is the affected application, process or service to the merchant's ability to maintain business operations?
  • What is the impact of the issue on everyday operations?
  • How many merchants are affected by the incident?
  • Are the merchant's customers affected by the incident?
  • Is there an acceptable workaround available?
  • How many users are affected by the incident?

To make this process as effective as possible, we ask merchants to include information about the business impact of the issue reported in a ticket.