APEXX returns transaction status codes in transaction responses. You may also see these transaction status codes in reports and dashboards on the merchant portal. 

AUTHORISEDThe transaction has been authorised by the acquirer and can now be processed. A transaction in AUTHORISED status can either be captured or cancelled.
CAPTUREDA CAPTURED transaction is a transaction that has successfully gone through scheme clearing, and as a result can be REFUNDED. 
In some circumstances, certain PSPs will allow you to cancel captured transactions. 
SETTLEDThe transaction has been successfully processed. The transaction can now be refunded.
REFUNDEDThe transaction has been successfully refunded and will not allow any further processing unless only a partial refund was requested.
FAILEDEither the transaction has been rejected by APEXX, or an error has occurred during transaction processing, most likely because the transaction request is contains data that is inconsistent or not in the correct format.
DECLINEDThe transaction request has been declined by the issuer.
CANCELLEDThe transaction authorisation has been cancelled and will not allow any further processing.

Cancel/Void/Refund. Please note:

  • You can cancel/void a payment that has been authorised and has not been captured yet. You can do this via the api cancelCardTransaction or in the portal using the Void button at any time.

  • You can cancel/void a payment that has been captured only on the same day of the transaction, via api cancelCaptureRequest or in the portal using the Void button.

  • If you want to cancel an already settled transaction where the funds have already been exchanged, then you will need to refund instead, you can refund either via the api refundCardTransaction or in the portal using the Refund button.
Note that settlements occurred usually overnight and varies by acquirer.

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