Transactions can be refunded through the APEXX API, which means that merchants can build support for refund processing into their own applications. This is the recommended approach. Alternatively, refunds can be processed through the merchant portals offered by APEXX and the acquiring bank. 

Transactions can usually be refunded within 180 days of settlement, as long as the account associated with the original payment method is still active. Even if the original payment card has expired, you will still be able to process refunds to that card.

Under the following circumstances, a refund would need to be carried out as an Original Credit Transaction (OCT) instead:

  • The timeframe for the refund has been exceeded
  • The amount of the refund exceeds the original settlement amount
  • The original transaction was performed through a different payment services provider

Refund requests are sent as updates to the original purchase, whereas OCTs are standalone transactions. 

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