Card payouts (unlinked refunds) are referred to as Original Credit Transactions (OCTs) by Visa and as Payment Transactions (PTs) by Mastercard. 

A card payout credits funds to a card. Unlike a refund, it is not a reversal of a previous purchase. However, you can optionally include a reference to an original transaction in the OCT/PT request. You may process payouts on tokenised card numbers. 

The most common use case for OCTs/PTs is the payout of winnings in gambling. If your merchant category code (MCC) is 7995 - Gambling and you are processing a Payment Transaction through the Mastercard card scheme, the payout will undergo online authorisation and an authorisation code will be returned in the response. 

If you require the ability to process OCTs/PTs, you need to select an acquirer that supports this functionality and ensure that it is enabled for you. You may be issued with separate MIDs for OCT/PT transactions.


Credit transactions are supported through the APEXX API. You may also be able to create payouts through your acquirer's merchant portal.