You have taken a payment in one currency (for example, USD) but the payment was unexpectedly converted into a different currency (for example, GBP).


The payment request contains either

  • an incorrect currency identifier, or
  • an incorrect account_id


If the APEXX gateway receives the account_id in a payment request, this will be used to route the payment request to an account in APEXX. The account_id overrides any currency information also sent in the payment request.

If the APEXX gateway receives no account_id, it will use the currency code to route the payment request to the account associated with this currency.


Verify that the merchant application is sending the correct account_id or currency code in the payment request. The account_ids are communicated to the merchant as part of the implementation process. Alternatively, you can request a list of active account_ids by submitting a support ticket.

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