This article explains how to generate a Payment Batch Detail report in the CyberSource EBC.



APEXX uses CyberSource to connect to a number of acquirers including ABSA, Barclays, Global Payments, Lloyds Cardnet, Raiffeisen Bank, SIX and many more. Settlements are managed on the CyberSource platform. It is possible to download a report from the CyberSource EBC portal to verify the transactions included in a settlement batch. 


  1. Log into the CyberSource EBC (contact implementation@apexx.global if you do not have a user account)

  2. In the left hand pane, navigate to Reports - Downloadable Reports - Available Reports

  3. Click on Standard Reports

  4. Locate the Payment Batch Detail Report for the desired date and click the blue arrow on the left hand side to download it

  5. The report will list any transactions included in the batch for the selected date. Note that the report will not indicate any failures or rejections by the acquiring bank


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