PURPOSE: this article describes how to create an account and use the APEXX Support Portal to track support tickets.

1. How to gain access to the APEXX Support Portal
2. How to login to the APEXX Support Portal
3. How to create, update, close, and add CC's to tickets
4. How to check the status of a ticket

1. How to gain access to the APEXX Support Portal

The APEXX Support team uses a ticketing system in which emails are converted into “tickets”. External users, i.e. Merchants and Partners, can create an account or request access to the APEXX Support Portal.

  • Creating an account

If you are not already registered as a contact within the APEXX Support Portal, you can create an account on your own using the following link:


This will allow you to signup and access the APEXX Support Portal.

  • Requesting access to the Support Portal

If you are already registered as a contact, the signup option will not be available as your email address is already associated with a profile on our Support Portal. This either happens when you have already sent an email to support@apexx.global or have been CC’d in an email to the APEXX support team.

In this case, an email must be sent support@apexx.global to to gain access to the Support Portal.

? Note: the merchant’s main point of contact for APEXX must the one submitting the request to add users to the APEXX Support Portal. Ad-hoc requests from other external users will not be accepted. 

Information needed when requesting access:

  • Full name of the external user(s)

  • Email address

  • Job title 

  • Support role (if applicable): Merchant Primary Contact, Merchant Secondary Contact, Merchant Escalation Contact

  • Incident role (if applicable): Incident Contact to be contacted in the event of an incident

  • Ticket access: whether the external user(s) would get access to only the tickets they have created themselves OR the tickets created by all the external users associated with the merchant. The latter option allows all tickets to be seen. 

Once the request is submitted, the APEXX Support team will send an activation link to the relevant user(s). 


2.How to login to the APEXX Support Portal

Once the account has been created, you will be able to login using the following link:


? After the login has been completed, the Support Portal may not automatically redirect the external user to the Tickets tab and may still display the login page. 

You can see if the login was successful by checking whether your name is displayed on the top right hand side corner close to “Welcome”

There are 3 tabs available in the APEXX Support Portal:

  • Home: gathers all the Knowledge Base articles about APEXX as well as quick links to create a ticket or check the status

  • Solutions: contains the articles related to APEXX 

  • Tickets: the tickets raised by the external user 

3.How to create, update, add CC's, and close tickets

  • Creating a new ticket

To raise a new ticket, you must click on “New Support Ticket” at the top of the Tickets page.

The Support form needs to be completed with the relevant information as follows before clicking on “Submit” when done: 

Note: the Environment field is a drop-down with options including Sandbox, Production, Sandbox and Production - select the relevant one.

  • Sending replies on a ticket

You can either click the Reply button at the top of the page, or scroll down to the bottom of the page and use the text box. After clicking on Reply, a green banner will be displayed at the top of the page to confirm the reply was sent successfully.  

  • Adding or removing email addresses on the ticket 

You can add or remove other people from the ticket after it has been created by clicking on the icon on the far right hand-side as shown below.

  • Closing a ticket 

A ticket can either be closed by APEXX Support team when the issue has been resolved or you can also close it directly from the Support portal. 

4. How to check the status of a ticket

  • Status dropdown

Tickets can be filtered out using the dropdown: All tickets includes all tickets that were raised by the external user regardless of their status,  Open or Pending are the tickets that are still investigated by the APEXX Support team, and Resolved or Closed are the tickets where the issue has been resolved.

  • Sorted By dropdown

This dropdown can be used in combination with the above and allows tickets to be sorted by Date Created which corresponds to the date at which the ticket was raised, Last Modified where there have been changes made on the ticket either by the APEXX Support team or by yourself, and Status.

  • Ticket labels

The labels on the right-hand side follow the ticket’s workflow and each label corresponds a certain stage in the ticket’s workflow.